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Nutrition Advice for the Holidays

December 13, 2019

When it comes to nutrition during the holidays, first of all, remember you won’t lose all your progress or gains in one or two weeks.

Even if you stopped training completely for 1-2 weeks and had more food than normal you STILL won’t lose your progress. It’s one or two weeks out of 12 months. If you are normally a consistent person with your training and nutrition (it’s usually always the consistent training diehards who worry the most lol) you will BE FINE. So relax ?

That being said, here are my two tips for you:

✅ Tip 1: Go into the holidays with a plan. Food anxiety usually stems from ambiguity and confusion - from not knowing what's going to happen and being a little worried that you will have no control over anything.

A plan can be anything from, “I won’t track my macros on the 25th and 26th and just relax and enjoy my food” To: “I am taking the week off training between the 25th and New Years and then I will get back into it” To: “I am going to be the designated driver on Christmas because I don’t want to drink”.

It’s up to you to make your own plan – there’s no right or wrong plan. But the best advice I can give you is to decide beforehand, and then own that decision. Stick with it. Being confident in your choices will help you deal with any social pressure as well..

✅ Tip 2: Lose the all or nothing mindset. You can have fun, you can let loose a little without binging for weeks on end. The all or nothing mindset is what causes the problems (You think “I stuffed up once now so what’s the point. I’ve done the damage, I might as well binge even more.”... Sound familiar? ?) But it doesn’t work like that. You can find a healthy balance. You can have fun, enjoy your food and drinks without falling off the wagon.

When you 1) Go into the holidays with a plan and own your choices and 2) find a happy balance that suits you and your lifestyle, you will feel so much more relaxed and be able to let go of the food guilt and anxiety that is common around this time of year. ???



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