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Why you don’t need to throw away your scale

December 11, 2019

Guess what!? I’m not here to tell you that weighing yourself is bad. ??‍♀️ Or that you should throw away your scale ?

Instead I am here to teach you how to use your scale the right way & how to stop being a toddler and throwing tantrums about your weight fluctuations.

I know it can be hard to remove the emotion from number you see on the scale. I understand because I work with hundreds of women daily who struggle with this.

But using the data the way I teach you in the video below, and looking at trends vs day to day fluctuations will help you become in control vs the scale controlling you. ?

Besides how does running away from something you are fearful of solve anything? ??

Screw letting something like that have control over your mental state ??. When you learn how to use the scale the right way you take back your power – you place yourself in the driver’s seat of your health and body again -- rather than letting a stupid one-off number dictate your entire mood for the day and whether or not you are going to eat the entire tub of ice cream when you get home from work. That’s no way to live.


First of all when it comes to weighing yourself , let’s set one ground rule:

You need to find your weekly AVERAGE.

So if you are comparing your weight from Monday to Wednesdays, and then jumping on Sunday and weighing yourself again and comparing that to Wednesday's weigh - stop doing that right now.

Our bodies have all sorts of crazy stuff going on all day and night.

You might drink more water one day, have extra carbs which means more glycogen in your muscles. You may have used the toilet one day, and not the next.

Our weight can fluctuate a lot over the course of a day and from day to day, which is all going to affect the actual number on the scale.

And if you are trying to lose fat for example, and you only compare random weigh ins, it can drive you crazy, and it’s not a responsible way to weigh yourself or to understand the data.

So what I recommend doing is is weigh yourself every day at the same time (my suggestion is right when you wake up go to the bathroom before you get dressed, weigh yourself.

Then I want you to jot down the weight each day but don’t give any thought to it other than than making sure you actually do it each day.

Remember it’s very normal for it to fluctuate day by day.

But then at the end of day 7 you add all 7 numbers together and divide the one big number by 7.

That ONE number is your weight each week.

So if you want to know if you are gaining or losing weight, you should ONLY base your results off the ONE average weekly number and compare the weekly numbers against each other.

The other numbers are just part of the data.

Do not give any thought or base any decisions off daily fluctuations.


And please don’t start with the whole "oh but it’s so obsessive to weigh myself everyday".

No. It's not. ?‍♀️

What’s obsessive is going bat shit crazy over weight fluctuations because you aren’t weighing yourself consistently and you don’t have a purpose for weighing yourself.

What’s smart and non obsessive is being consistent with the habit, and then treating all those numbers as data, not obsessing over the day to day numbers and instead letting the weekly average be your guide.

Then you can actually do cool stuff with the data like track it all in an app like My Fitness pal (or Cronometer which I prefer) and the app can give you a graph to see see the trend overall. Then you can base your decisions off this accurate data, knowing whether you are trending down or up or whether you are maintaining. Here is a real life example from one of my clients:

*If you look at the graph above, you’ll notice on a daily basis her weight fluctuated up and down quite a bit. However, while the upward fluctuations were frustrating in the moment, from a long-term perspective you can clearly see the overall downward trend. That is what’s important - the overall downward trend.

It’s mentally healthier to do it this way because then you are not being ruled by your emotions, which we all know can cause us to act impulsively. That's when things like restrictive dieting, binge dieting and all that crazy stuff starts to happen.

When the scale is used the right way it’s a great tool and will teach a lot you about yourself, keep you accountable and give you great data. ?

Comment below with any questions and please share this with a friend who is getting frustrated about weight fluctuations. ??????

Catch you guys next time ✌️

Your Coach,

LW x




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