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Libby is a Sydney-based personal trainer, nutritionist and CrossFit coach with over ten years experience working with female clients to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Libby is on a mission to bring back common sense in an industry full of hype and aims to help women break free from the confusion that keep them stuck in an unhealthy way of thinking so they can live healthier, happier, freer lives

My Story

My Eatercise journey began in my early twenties when facing the crazy-wonderful demands of adult life including travel, study, modeling, working, and motherhood.

In the middle of the mega-drains on my mental, emotional and physical energy, I discovered that regular training helped me to relax, stress less, and be more confident in my own skin.

That sustained feeling of wellbeing had side effects (the good kind!) as I began to feel smarter and more creative in other areas of my life as well, and I knew that I was onto something that I just had to share.

Nearly a decade and more than 300 clients later, I’ve perfected programs that are tailored to your needs as a fitness-focused woman with a calendar full of family and career demands.

So that’s how Eatercise was born. More than just a catchy word, Eatercise is a passion, a business, a message, and a dream. It’s a lifestyle philosophy that can permeate every part of your personal and professional world.

Why Libby loves working with women


My passion lies in:

- empowering women to feel strong in their bodies

- enabling women to be self-compassionate

- encouraging women to lift weights and celebrate their strength

- supporting women to be confident and secure in who they are

- encouraging women to be proud of what they are physically capable of


Training isn't everything

That’s a shocker coming from an athlete and trainer—I know! But a big part of my fitness journey has been making hard-won discoveries on what does and doesn’t work for the bodies of active women in the realms of diet and nutrition. I’ve found that you can’t have true, long-term success in one aspect of your health if you’re neglecting other crucial aspects.

So I’ve made it the Eatercise mission to develop holistically-focused advice, programs and tools that nurture your mindsets, your diet, and your personal training goals.

If any of the Eatercise story and philosophy resonates with your personal narrative, I invite you to sign up with your email to begin on the journey to a fitter, leaner, more relaxed, confident-in-your-skin you.


Get to know Libby better

When you adopt a coach or mentor with a specific expertise, it helps to know a little bit about the person behind the program.

Fitness is a huge part of my life, and I love, love, love lifting weights (140kg deadlift, baby!) but there’s more to all of us than our main obsessions, so here’s an inside scoop on your virtual trainer, Libby.

(Listed in the third person, because #awkward)…

-She doesn’t do “fake” very well

-She loves the colours grey and purple

-She’s a curious, cheeky, happy person

-Stuffy, narrow-minded people stress her

-She can’t maintain small talk for very long

-She likes to think she’s a pretty good cook

-She has an unrivaled obsession with peanut butter

-Just quietly, she’s quite proud of her Instagram account

She also loves these random things:

-Eating SushiIMG_2725

-Eating Risotto

-Sipping Chinese teas

-Listening to Podcasts

-Using nail polish

-Grooving to Snoop Dogg

-Wearing grey on grey on grey

-Eating Thai food (she grew up in Thailand!)

-Using Apple/Mac products (she’s a nerd at heart)


Libby’s Fitness Industry creds

-Qualified Personal Trainer

-Qualified Nutritionist

-9+ years in the fitness industry

-Experienced CrossFit coach

-CrossFit Athlete (Australian/Pacific CrossFit Regionals 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016)

-Online fitness + nutrition coach

-Certificate of Optimal Sports Nutrition (Cadence)

-Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics (FIA)

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