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40 truth-bombs about diet, training and life

June 7, 2016

…A mix of things I have learned from reading, listening to people smarter than me, and personal experience. *Some of these are compiled from my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.



1) No matter how strong you are, warm up with the bar first.

2) There is no better thing you can do for yourself then get stronger. Men and women. No matter what your goal. Stronger is always better.

3) Don’t neglect your stability work. A strong core is the basis of good posture, accurate movement and better power transfer.

4) The key to a long-term love of exercise is finding deeper motivations than just physical appearance.

5) Master the art of showing up.

6) Every day try to work on a weakness. Do 5 to 10 reps each day of something you struggle with and in no time you will improve.

7) Scaling a movement to make it easier should not take the place of doing something a bit harder that will, in the long run, make you stronger.

8) When learning gymnastic movements or other skills, practice with small quality sets. As soon as the quality drops, drop down, and reset.

9) So many flaws in the Olympic lifts originate off the floor. Fixing the first pull will help out the whole lift.

10) Getting stronger & building muscle is rarely fast and never easy. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either clueless or a flat-out scammer.

11) Leave a little left in the tank during training. Leave nothing left during competition.

12) You’re competing against youself, not anyone else. Chase your own capacity before chasing others.

13) Consistency and frequency trumps the one off intense session.

14) If you have a cool "garage gym" or equipment that you never use, it’s probably time to join a gym.



15) Until you accept calories in, calories out, no diet for fat loss will ever make sense.

16) Always start conservatively with your fat loss efforts. Cut calories out too fast, & you will feel like shit and be unable to maintain it.

17) Don't fear any single food. There is no food on this planet that has the ability to single-handedly sabotage your diet or physique.

18) If you fail to fuel adequately, high volume and hard workouts will almost always lead to injury & burnout.

19) Being scared of carbs is a great way to stop building muscle.

20) Even mild dehydration kills gym performance.

21) When you deprive yourself all the time, binges and overeating are more likely to occur. Find a balance with food that is healthy but not too restrictive.

22) Masking your food problems by exercising even more in an attempt to burn off the excess calories you’ve just eaten, will turn into a vicious cycle.

23) If women are fueling their body properly they will maintain a healthy body fat and look good. Extreme cuts and yoyo dieting do the opposite.

24) There is no such thing as a fat-blasting, metabolic-boosting, shred-inducing magic superfood.

25) If a fitness “authority” tells you that using a single product or supplement is the key to success, they are conning you.

26) Learn a bunch of healthy recipes that are quick to cook, easy, yummy, filing, and packed with nutrition. Use them often.

27) A good diet plan is only good if the person following the diet plan can actually maintain it.

28) Count your macros. For at least 60 days, once in your life, and I will never bother you again. You will learn SO much about food and how weight gain/weight loss actually works during this period, it will blow your mind. I promise.


Lifestyle & Business:

29) Don't chase gimmicks and tactics in fitness, health, business and life. Stay consistent with the basics & the results will follow.

30) Think like a robot, not an emotional wreck that needs approval & permission for everything, & relies on mood swings, highs and happy feelings at all times in order to be consistent.

31) If it’s important, do it daily.

32) Sleep matters way more than you think it does. Sleep deprivation is probably causing more problems in your life than you realise.

33) It’s better to create imperfect things that others judge, then to sit around creating nothing but judging everyone.

34) Make a commitment to be brave and ballsy every single day. The main reason we do nothing is because we fear we aren’t good enough.

35) Be excellent at what you do. Maintain a competitive edge in your industry. Be honest and authentic. Be entirely you. And always offer value.

36) Sometimes it’s better to just rip the band-aid off.

37) Be a practitioner. Whatever industry you are in, you learn the best by doing. Get out of your comfort zone & get your hands dirty. Trust me, you will be better for it.

38) If you have time and you want grow your business, give out a massive amount of value for free.

39) Always have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. You can control your own future. Finish your studies…get qualified. Write more blog posts…get more traffic. Lift heavier weight…get more muscle.

40) We all have the same 24 hours in the day.



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