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My practical tip for turning around “bad vibes” and feelings of inadequacy & negativity

May 31, 2016

You know the haters, the people who sit back & judge or find fault with other people’s lives, their products, their businesses, their social media accounts, etc. They give off this yucky vibe & energy, & it makes you feel weird in your stomach? Or they will comment on something but their comment is clearly glazed in passive-aggressiveness. You know they are sitting back watching your every move.

When this happens often enough you start second-guessing yourself, feeling like maybe you really aren’t good enough, you start comparing with others, & just wasting time on negativity & feelings of inadequacy. It holds us back from chasing success, doing what we need to do & accomplishing things, for fear of being judged...& because it plain & simply sucks when people – especially ones you wish would be cheering for you – aren’t supportive.

The fear of what people will think can hold us back from SOOO MUCH, & is such a huge mindset issue. I’ll definitely write more on this in another post.

Buuuut this post isn’t really about the haters (they can f*&k right off :). This post is about how I try to turn around these feelings & just negative feelings about myself in general – whether based off someone elses judgements or my own insecurities.

The only way I can pull myself out of this whirlwind of negativity once it’s starts or something sets it off is to immediately take action, do something related to what I am feeling negative or inadequate about. Make a deadline for myself. Make progress with a project I am doing. There’s nothing more empowering than productivity. Just get shit done, go do a good training session, make more decisions, offer more value, help more people.

I grew up surrounded by religion. (Like hardcore religion, I am talking, having “devotions” every morning before breakfast for an hour where we read from the Bible & other publications.) Aaaaand stay with me, I am going somewhere with this. :) Well there is a Bible verse that says “The light shines in the darkness, & the darkness cannot not overcome it.” Now because I have Bible verses etched in my memory from having to memorise them at such a young age, I now think about this verse in the form of the darkness being other people trying to bring you down, but the light being the actions that you keep taking. Eventually the light (or your actions) will overpower the darkness. Taking action kills negativity, just like light kills the darkness.

Ultimately we feel negativity & inadequacy because we feel we have lost our own confidence. And so, how do we get back confidence? We take action. The fastest way to get back your power is to take action. And I don’t know about you, but the second I start getting things done & accomplishing more, everything starts to become more positive. My confidence builds back up & I get out of my negative funk.

We can never control how other people see us, but what we can do is keep on taking action with confidence & watch what happens! Try it for yourself. Next time you feel insecure, inadequate, judged or criticized, rather than dwelling on those feelings, take action instead. Just go & start doing. Doesn’t matter what it is, although I'm not talking about trying to motivate yourself by reading motivational quotes or watching a boxing motivational youtube clip. I'm talking about REAL action. Do something practical & physical to work towards your goal, & watch your confidence & power come back.

Our attitude in life is ultimately our own responsibility & we shouldn't be afraid to crush it in life because we are afraid of what others think. Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to ignore the noise around you & just do what you need to do (still learning!), but if you put this little tip into practice, it will make things easier. And at least you've got me supporting you :) I will always be in your corner, cheering for you!



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