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About Libby

Hi I’m Libby, a Sydney-based nutritionist, personal trainer and CrossFit coach with over 10 years experience working with female clients to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. I specialise in teaching athletic women how to eat in a pro-metabolic way, without restrictive diets, so they can build an athletic healthy body.

  • I liked that your program was not overly restrictive or a drastic cut in calories. While I had some hunger, it was never unbearable, and I never felt the urge or need to binge, which is great. You even helped us learn how to deal with social events and parties, and didn’t expect me to just miss them, or take diet food in Tupperware. You gave us real life tools – thank you.

    Lesley Cathleen

  • I’ve never done a weight loss program where I eat so much food & don’t feel hungry constantly. The food is easy to prepare, you use ingredients you have in pantry/fridge anyway & it tastes great too. After 4 weeks I’ve lost 6.4kg & my body changed as well. I feel more energetic & I’m happier with my body than I’ve ever been. I know I still have a long way to go but I feel with this plan it’s a plan for life, I don’t have to give up enjoying food.

    Karin Kirchberger

  • From the start Libby had an excellent understanding of my fitness & nutrition goals & has continually developed effective plans. I have always found Libby as a genuine caring person who easily relates to people and is very adaptable to meet their needs. 

    Rachael Thomas

  • I’ve found her nutritional plans inventive, tasty and easy to follow! If you are wanting life long changes in health, mind and fitness and someone with tried and tested knowledge, Libby is the lady for you!

    Jess Henry

  • I have benefited enormously from Libby’s training & nutrition advice. She is sensational with both beginners and athletes alike. She can tailor programs to help you reach your personal goal & keep you feeling inspired along the way, I highly recommend Libby for fitness & nutrition programs.

    Yolande Baker

  • Consistently reliable, positive feedback as well as guidance and results we can both be proud of. Have trained with Libby for 5 years and would not have it any other way!

    Sky Padilla

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