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My thoughts on judging what other people post on their social media profiles

September 22, 2015

Have you ever questioned whether or not to put a photo up on a social media site because you are worried it makes you look like a loser or too vain, and you worry people will think that about you? Have you ever started writing a post and then half way through got hit with the overwhelming feeling that if you publish it you might get a lot of people judging you for it? Have you ever scrapped a creative idea because you were worried what others will think or say? I know I have. And as much as I want to say “f#ck them” and just do it anyway, these things can play in your head and can make you choose not to post something or say or do something.

What do I think about it? I think it’s shit that we have to feel that way, and I think it’s sad that there are so many haters. I have heard judgments from people myself…granted not about what I post or do online (although I am sure I have been judged, just not to my face) but about other people. Some people seem to have an opinion on everyone, what they are doing, what they are wearing, what they are posting. "Wow she is such an attention whore", "He is such a try-hard", "She is obviously posing so hard for that photo". They love stalking people and forming strong opinions on what is “acceptable” and what is not. Maintaining an air of professional judging on social media is a full-time job for them.

But who the f#ck are they to decide what people can and can’t post about? We deserve to set our own terms for happiness, and to do what makes us happy, wear what makes us happy and post what makes us happy without worrying about people sitting there judging our lives. Life is too short to not post that selfie because we are having a good hair day and we look like a million bucks. Life is also too short to spend all that time being a cynical bitch and judging everyone else.

One of my fav blogger/trainers Leigh Peele put it well:

“What's your deal or problem that you get upset when people post pictures/selfies online? Like, what legit reason do you have to get angry that someone post pictures of themselves, kids, food, etc? I can't find a reason that isn't jealousy or being unhappy in someway with your own life. I really can't. I can understand having a problem with ONE individual because you think they are an asshole or hypocrite, etc. so everything they do annoys you. I can understand thinking a picture itself is inappropriate (e.g. Selfie at holocaust camp #prisoncampfun) I get that, but then just unfriend them. If you care about someone, if you're not just jealous or enemies, why would you care at all that they post pictures of pretty much anything? If you don't like someone, then why are you looking?”

Why be a hater? Why be the person who tears down someone else? So what if someone is “showing off” or posting a picture of their dinner out or 100 pictures of their baby? So what if someone is posting a selfie in the gym, or posed in that photo on their holiday? Or posted a photo with their Gucci bag strategically placed on the seat next to them? If the first thing that comes to your mind when you see someone's post online is negative or jealous for no good reason then I think you can safely say you are a hater.

The world needs more people who contribute their gifts, their creativity and share their work and ideas. Constantly being bombarded with negative comments when people post anything online or do something new or different will affect us all and it make people less and less inclined to open up and show their creative side...and how sad and boring would that be? Working up the courage to post or write about yourself, to share your creativity or accomplishments can be tough. I think we should support the people who display that courage.



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