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Recent Feedback from Online Clients

August 22, 2014

Here are two testimonials I received in the last month from two of my online clients who just finished up a 3 month online nutrition and training plan with me. Love hearing feedback!

"As a female CrossFitter who was eating way too little (1,200 calories a day) and constantly under-performing, I am now totally committed to eating for performance. I have put on lean muscle,  have so much energy during workouts and I finally believe in the "eating for performance" mantra. Libby helped me gradually up my calories over the period of training with her, and when I finished my 3 months of online training with her, she left me with solid adivce for long-term, sustainable maintenance. My body shape completely changed. I have new lean muscle in all the right places and abs!" -K, age 22, avid CrossFitter

"As an online client I have been given the clearest instructions for both my nutritional needs and my workout plan. Libby's instructions are easy to understand and leave no room for confusion. With access to emailing Libby and calling when I needed to speak in person, I have felt very supported in my journey to becoming stronger and fitter."  -Lauren, mother and fulltime office worker

If you are interested in online personal training with me, including highly personalised service, a full nutrition, supplementation and training program as well as weekly email support and skype consults when needed, you can contact me at libbywescombe@gmail.com! Would love to help you reach your goals.



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