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Rachael’s transformation

December 22, 2013

Here is a picture of my client Rachael's before and after transformation! In just six months of training she went from having never touched a barbell in her life to squatting and dead-lifting well over her bodyweight for reps as well as performing the Olympic lifts with good form. She can also do handstand push-ups and is extremely close to getting her first unassisted wide grip pullup! As a side note, she lost a lot of body fat and gained so much more lean muscle from increasing her protein intake and switching the majority of her food choices from low-fat, low-carb processed foods/takeaway to whole foods/home cooked meals with plenty of fruit and veggies, good fats and carbs and extra protein! Her biggest key to success has been her consistency with training and maintaining a healthy diet! It will always pay off.

From Rachael:

I am very fortunate to have had Libby Wescombe as my Personal Trainer for over 6 months now.

From the start Libby had an excellent understanding of my fitness goals and has continually developed effective training plans that have been both challenging and setting a good foundation towards my fitness and future lifestyle goals. I have always found Libby as a genuine caring person who easily relates to people and is very adaptable to meet their needs.

Libby’s personal strengths as a mature and highly motivated individual as well as her professional and extensive fitness knowledge have all contributed to my own personal fitness successes. I find her contagious passion for fitness and great sense of humour has encourage me as an individual to want to do well and exceed my own fitness goals. Libby is a great motivator and the training sessions are always a lot of fun.

The confusion of what equipment and exercises to do has been removed by using a Personal Trainer and I enjoy coming to the gym. I find Libby’s guidance and personal training goes beyond the regular PT session contributing to what I believe for myself is a better overall lifestyle. Her suggestions and professional advice on additional training, nutrition and tips for pre/post training have all contributed to me achieving my personal fitness goals at an accelerated pace.

Libby has also assisted me in sport-specific training, which has increased my strength, power and movement on the hockey field.

Since training with Libby I have toned my body significantly. I have more energy, I am stronger and I am so much happier in life. To me Libby is so much more than a Personal Trainer; she is a really good friend.



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