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Product Review: The BodyScience Athlete Tights

December 22, 2014

I have been LOVING the BodyScience athlete tights in black. I get sooo much use out of them. They are great for performance and recovery. They double up as training tights and work tights for me. They have seen me through winter and are so tough and durable.

Today I was doing hang snatches in them today and have done many CrossFit sessions in them and they hold up well! They cop everything I throw their way, whether it’s heavy barbells and Olympic lifts, rope climbs, box jumps or sprints.

One thing I really like about them is that they remain very tight up passed the knee. I’ve found for me this has been hard to find with other compression gear. Compression tights that go loose at the top are one of my major pet peeves, and so far I have found that these remain tight from top to bottom.

Another perk of these is that they have minimal branding/logo’s on them if you prefer the more “subtle” look for your workout gear, or if you work as a personal trainer and are required to wear plain black tights or pants as a uniform requirement in your gym. These are great as work tights and you will be so comfortable in these all day!



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