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Overnight Chia Fruit Pots

March 6, 2016

Here’s the recipe for my overnight chia fruit pots layered with caramelised figs, strawberries and blackberries.  I based this recipe off the Jamie Oliver one and just added/changed a few things.

Chia seeds are pretty cool if you flavour them well. They're really high in protein & fibre & are a good source of magnesium!

You can also get creative with them, as they go well with most fruit & nuts etc! Feel free to add muesli on top as well as or instead of the fresh fruit.


4 medium ripe bananas

1 tsp vanilla extract

600 ml unsweetened coconut or almond milk (I use Inside Out brand from Harris Farms)

120g chia seeds (white or black)

300 grams frozen mango

½ fresh lime squeezed

Fresh fruit. I used figs (which I chopped up & then caramelized in a pan with a touch of honey and butter…sooo good), strawberries and blackberries but you can use any fresh fruit.


-Peel and blend 3 of the bananas in a blender. Add the vanilla extract and 300 ml of milk, then blend until smooth. Pour into a jug and stir in half the chia seeds. Divide between 5 jars or pots and then pop them into the fridge to start setting.

-Meanwhile pour the frozen mango into the blender, peel and add the remaining banana and add the other 300 ml of milk as well as the lime juice. Blend until smooth then pour into the jug and stir in the remaining chia seeds.

-Place half of the fresh fruit on top the first layer. Then divide between the 5 jars or pots, pouring it in gently so you get a nice division where the two layers meet.

-Return to the fridge and let it set overnight or up to five hours.

Enjoy! It's great for breakfast as it's all ready when you wake up!

Nutritional information:

Servings: 5

(Per serving)

Calories: 236

Fat: 10grams

Protein: 6.5grams

Carbs: 30grams



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