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My obsession with loose leaf teas

November 22, 2013

“A wandering mind spoils the tea – awareness and well-made tea are one and the same.” -Old Chinese Proverb

My Dad is a true tea connoisseur. I have never met anyone more into tea than him. He is the one who introduced me to loose leaf teas. Incidentally he has turned me into a bit of a tea snob myself, which I have to admit I am kind of proud of.

Mum and Dad specialise in teas that are newly harvested from China, Taiwan and India and sold at affordable prices. They regularly import a wide selection of teas, to make sure they have fresh teas available at all times. I am lucky as whenever I am in the mood for a warm brew I give mum and dad a visit.

Some of my personal favourites are strawberry green tea, aged oolong tea and Pu'er tea. I also enjoy some of the top-end high mountain oolongs when I want to feel fancy. Dad is always more than happy to pull out his special stash of exclusive teas. This is actually something that they pride themselves in; making available the higher-end, rarer teas that you can’t just find anywhere. In saying that, they also have a good variety, with something for everyone. I have had the pleasure of trying every imaginable tea, from fresh oolong teas originating from the high mountains of Taiwan, to Darjeeling black teas from India, to tea blends, fruit tea fusions, and everything else in between.

They also have the cutest range of teapots. Their specialty is glass teaware. Glass teapots are cool because you can watch the loose-leaf teas brewing. That’s a whole experience in itself. The tea leaves start out as tightly wound little nuggets (this is how they are dried) and they slowly open into perfect leaves once they hit the hot water. They also have flowering teas, which unfold into beautiful leaves with flower petals.

Take a look here to see their range of teas and tea ware and read other interesting information about tea.

One of the things I personally appreciate about tea are the health benefits. I drink tea on a regular basis and it suits my lifestyle perfectly. Click here to read about the big range of health benefits that tea provides.

If you have not tried loose leaf teas, you are missing out on a whole new, big world of teas! Once you try them, you will never want to go back to the dreaded tea bag.



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