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Goodbye 2015

December 31, 2015

In 2015...

I said goodbye to thoughts of “what if”, “what will they think” & “what if it doesn’t work”

I said goodbye to playing the victim and faking smiles just to be polite

I said goodbye to “playing small” and realised that if you want something, own it. Own everything you do and what you want in life, for good or for bad. Stand up and speak up and admit what you want.

The fear of failure is what makes us shy away from admitting what we want most. But guess what? In 2015 I got over that. Fuck it. WANT WHAT YOU WANT. Own your uniqueness.

In 2015 I learned to take it one day at a time, not take life too seriously, & to put in some serious effort if I want to make progress. 2015 gave me a much clearer idea of what I need to do to get to where I want to be

I went from caring only about the end goal to being consistent & committed to certain behaviours & this has changed everything for me. Because sure, I have big scary future goals still, but the only thing that matters is that on a day-to-day basis I am committed to the behaviors it will take to make those goals a reality

While progress is great, I won’t reach my goals without daily commitment to my behavior

I learned and am still learning that lasting change and peak performance are only possible once I accept 100% responsibility for my own body and life. What does that mean to me? It means that whatever is wrong isn’t my upbringing’s fault, the cards I was dealt in life or my “luck”. It’s not because I’m lacking willpower or because I’m not good enough or because I don’t have enough money or whatever

If I am not seeing the results I want to see in any area of my life, it’s because I haven’t taken full responsibility for myself. Period. This is a hard lesson and I am still learning it

In 2015 I learned to be brave

Not in big scary situations, but in moments each day. There are so many chances to be brave, to put ourselves out there, to step up and show up and do the hard thing even when it scares the shit out of us

Taking action is being brave

Bravery is what happens when we try. When we show up on the day and give it everything we can in that moment with absolutely no idea where it will lead

I learned that sometimes I will give my absolute best, I will put my whole body, heart and soul on the line and it won't be quite enough to get the result I was hoping for. I’ll start to wonder if it's all pointless? Why am I putting in so much effort if I keep coming up short?

That's how I felt during some tough moments of work, training & competing. It felt like shit when I came up just short of what I wanted. I asked myself why I was working so hard for nothing? Was it all in vain? What was the point?

The point is that eventually, everything connects. All the hard work, the nerves, the uncertainty, the hurt and pain, the failures and the insecurity…Eventually, it all connects and we get the results we are after. We just have to keep going

Bravery is what happens when we try, and every morning, every day, we have to make that choice to try or not try. What comes next is entirely up to us

Goodbye 2015. You have taught me well

Here's to a brand new year! Let’s make it the best one yet

Welcome 2016



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