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Crazy Lifting Face Photo Contest

October 22, 2014


I am running a photo contest for the next month, for all exercisers and lifters! I want to see your craziest lifting/workout face. Whether you are playing a sport, running, lifting weights, jumping…whatever you are doing. I want to see your crazy expressions as you go to that special place. :)

Photo submissions will close on August 6th 2014 and there will be prizes for the winners with the top three photo submissions. A first, second and third place winner.

Be sure to post it to my Facebook Eatercise Page, as well as Instagram it with the hashtag #crazyliftingface so I can find yours! I have also started a new Pinterest board called Crazy Lifting Faces and I will add your photos to it as they come in.

Can't wait to see your submissions! Have fun and don't forget to use the hashtag #crazyliftingface for all your submissions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By submitting your photos, you give eatercise.com.au the right to publish, distribute and otherwise use the photograph, in whole or in part, in print, electronic, or any other media and for promotional purposes related.



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