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Are you happy or are you just comfortable?

January 7, 2017

Tough subject but valid question, & it always makes me nervous. Where does happiness end & plain old comfort begin? Can’t we all just be comfortable & content forever?

I like to think we can. But then, sometimes at the end of the day when I am washing my face I look at myself & just stare for a minute or two while I get hit with this sinking feeling in my stomach, & mutter into the soap splashed mirror:

“Am I doing the best I can?”

Most nights the answer is yes, & I can sleep in peace. But sometimes the answer is no, & I just sit there on my bed wanting to tear my hair out, thinking about the hours I have wasted with this one short & precious life I have.

The truth—the pure truth that echoes through our minds & hearts all the time is that we have SO much potential. So much passion & possibility that it is enough to paralyse us. We all know of our potential but we still somehow manage to sabotage ourselves.

But there is no shame in knowing where we stuffed up. Self-awareness is EVERYTHING. Just embrace the flaws, accept the reality, lose the bullshit & get moving again towards our goals.

Don’t think about the opportunities you passed up & don’t let your past inaction keep you from acting on what you want now. Trust that you have the talent & just take one tiny step in the right direction. Enough tiny steps will eventually turn into a conquered mountain!



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