Featured January 15, 2018

How To Not Fail Your New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s the depressing part: Heaps of studies have shown that less than 10% of us are successful in keeping those resol

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17 Things About Training, Nutrition & Life

To bring in the New Year, and say goodbye to 2017, I wrote a blog post! Here are 17 things about training & recovery

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How to maintain your physique on holidays… it’s all about damage control

I get a lot of questions about this and requests for tips/posts etc. What does it take to stay in shape while traveling?

Featured November 21, 2017

Fuelling your energy systems for performance

Different types of exercise will put demands on different energy systems of the body. As an athlete, knowing how to best

Featured October 4, 2017

Nutrition tips for university students

Heading off to uni? Or maybe you are already a uni student and have been for awhile now but you are struggling to eat we

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Raw cacao nut bars

Here is a recipe for you to try.  Test out these awesome slices for a treat. They are quite dense, so if you are trying

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14 Tips For CrossFit Newbies

Every year after the CrossFit games, I notice an influx in people wanting to try CrossFit. This is great & hopefull

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My top 8 tips for eating in restaurants without blowing your calories

If you have a body composition goal & you have to eat out at restaurants every now and then, all is not lost. You ca

fat lossFavouritesFeaturedif it fits your macrosmacrosRecipes May 25, 2017

Juicy bunless burgers

I was craving burgers yesterday so I decided to make some bunless ones! My two all-favourite toppings to include are car