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1:1 Elite Female Diet Coaching

December 3, 2015

***Please note, all prices are in USD. Price is $97 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment.*

As a CrossFitter myself I know the struggles well.

Our challenges are real:

✓ We want to keep building muscle and get stronger

✓ Yet we also want to be lean enough to do the gymnastic movements and conditioning without feeling heavy or weighed down.

✓ We have high-energy & high training-volume demands as CrossFitter and our training and recovering demands day in and day out mean our diet needs to be on point.

✓ As a CrossFitter we want it all—leanness, muscle, fitness, energy and strength (yep we are a complicated bunch!)

✓ We're told to eat more to build muscle…

✓ Yet we also want to be lighter and leaner so that we can be bodyweight ninjas at the same time.

I’ve been there so I understand completely!

I have been CrossFitting since 2011 and have done a lot of experimenting on myself. I’ve also coached many other CrossFit women and helped them with their diets. In the process of researching the CrossFit niche market, I couldn’t find anyone else who catered to our unique needs. That’s when I decided to pioneer a diet plan specifically designed for female CrossFitters.

And today I am here to help you!

My 1:1 elite coaching is designed to help you not only perform like a boss—but also look like it!

What you’ll get:

My individualised plans include:

My Signature Course for Diamond Members Only: Flip the Metabolic Switch

Personal Coaching and Support from Me

Individual Macros and Nutrition Plan for You - Based off Your Unique Situation and Goals

​My Fitness Pal Set Up and Meal Plan Checks

​Check ins and Feedback with Me and My Coaches to Keep You On Track And Help Accelerate Your Results

​​Monday to Friday Q&A Access to Me and My Team to Ensure You’re Never Stuck and Always Moving Forward…

​​Monthly Action Kits With Brand New Content and Strategies, Plus Meal Plans, Recipes and All Sorts of Other Resources​

​​Live Coaching Calls Twice Per Month…

Live Online Educational Workshops Once Per Month

✓ Convenient, macro-calculated, balanced recipes

✓ The structure to tackle your nutrition head on.

✓ Pesonalised Coaching,

✓ Support via our own group in Slack that you will get added to.

✓ Training Plans

✓ Concrete info on exactly how many calories and macros to eat (to lose fat, improve metabolism and/or build muscle depending on your goals).

My plans also include my insights including:

✓ What to do if your fat loss stalls

✓ how to lose fat without losing muscle

✓ The way that constantly dieting could be ruining your results

✓ How to cycle calories & carbs so you can lose fat and build muscle

✓ why cutting out/limiting carbs + doing high intensity CrossFit training could be ruining your body

Who is it for?

My personalised plans are designed for athletic women who already have a pretty good base in fitness, and who are looking for that extra personalised boost to take their results up a notch.

Do any of these challenges describe you at the moment?

✓  You’re tired of not looking as fit as you feel

✓  If you want to look like you work as hard as you do

✓  You're struggling to get the body composition results you’re after

✓  You want to lean up a bit so you can be better at the gymnastic movements

✓  You want to gain more agility without sacrificing your strength and muscle  

✓  You’re starting to put the weight back on that you initially lost when you started CrossFit

✓  You’re lacking energy despite your training commitments and you don’t know what’s going on  

How does it work?

-Once you sign up & make your payment you will receive a welcoming email including a questionnaire for you to complete and the other instructions of how to get started. This is a very important step to help me understand you, your situation and your goals better. Please make sure to fill it out as thoroughly as possible.

-You will then submit your filled out questionnaire back to me

-Next you will receive your program details with all the info you need on how to get started.

Payment details:

-Please note all prices are listed in US dollars.

-Once you have made payment I will contact you within 24 hours.


-My diet plans are not suitable for treating medical conditions, and if you are suffering from any medical conditions affecting your diet and health or if you have any eating disorder I may not be able to work with you. If you have a medical condition or an eating disorder of any kind, you must seek attention from your doctor to be properly treated.

Please refer to my terms & conditions here

Client testimonials:

"Starting weight 61.5kg, current weight 58.2kgs. With my goal weight of 58kgs. I've got a 1 year old and a 3 year old so losing my baby weight has been a challenge. I have been clean eating for months prior to your challenge but unfortunately was not losing any body fat. Since learning how to balance my macros I realized that I was eating wayyyyy too many good fats! And over a 1000 calories more than I should be. I Crossfit 6 times a week and play netball once a week so am seeing great results after only following your program for 6 weeks including more energy also. Thanks for all your help so far! I've already recommended your program to others."



"Good news!! I weighed in this morning at 150 pounds!!! Holy smokes I’ve lost 10 pounds. Everyone has been complimenting me on how much weight I’ve lost too. Even this morning at the gym, everyone was like “holy crap, you look amazing”!! What are you doing? Which feels really good. Also, for the first time ever I got ring muscle ups. I got six in total and managed to do one in a workout. It’s been an amazing week!!! Another thing, I qualified for the Canwest Games. After 4 weeks of online qualifiers, I ended up in 6th place. Top 15 are invited to the games. So that’s exciting news."



"This is 6 weeks of progress. I have lost a total of 5lb (2.3kg). I feel like I have lost fat and gained muscle. There are definite visible results I am happy with, since I was seeking to increase performance as well. Happy with the results so far, legs are noticeably leaner, belly is shrinking. Hitting solid PRs at the gym, I now make sure to have carbs before and after a workout - big difference."



“I liked that your program was not overly restrictive or a drastic cut in calories, etc. While I had some hunger, it was never unbearable, and I never felt the urge or need to binge, which is great. You even helped us learn how to deal with social events and parties, and didn’t expect me to just miss them, or take diet food in Tupperware. You gave us real life tools - thank you. You're awesome Libby and a great coach. Thank you!” 



"After 4 weeks of eating so much more then I ever have before and introducing carbs back into my diet... I can't believe the results!! Thanks so much to Libby for your amazing program and support!! I have learnt so much already! Bring on the next 4 weeks!"



"Here is my 8 weeks progress pictures. I have lost fat and gained muscle, feel better and have learned so much about how to eat for performance, knowing when to eat what, and how to use carbs and protein for my recovery. Great program, highly recommended."

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