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The #1 Trap Of Unsuccessful Online Personal Trainers

May 10, 2018

Today I want to talk about the #1 mistake that too many online coaches and trainers make.

I speak to a lot of personal trainers, I speak to a lot of people building online fitness businesses, and the one key thing, the one key thing that people who are successful continually do time and time again is monetise their business--

The problem is that a lot of trainers and coaches who get into online business think they need to reinvent the wheel.

They try to be super fancy and crafty and they wonder why they're not selling anything, instead of looking at the systems that work. Systems that are established and are proven to be profit generating is what works, so keep it simple.

I had to learn this lesson myself and once I did, my online business took off!

So let me explain something right off the bat: you do not need to reinvent the wheel. You do not have to get so fancy and try a million different things. It's simply not needed. There's a much easier way to be successful online.

Look at what other people have done. Look at what experts have done and put your spin on it with your unique content and start selling right away.

The market is there with billions and billions of dollars being spent every year in multiple online markets from courses, to apps, to coaching.

Figure out what turns your crank. Figure out what's profitable that also you might have some interest in.

And if there is a market for it and you're interested in it, then take action. Take massive action and start monetising. Even one client who buys your product is going to give you a huge confidence boost because it’s going to validate your product.

There's never an easier time than now to build an online presence in the health and fitness online world. With social media you can literally become famous for free.

Do you realise the power of this? It's absolutely amazing how in this day and age a young person, even in high school, can have a YouTube channel, get hundreds of thousands, or even millions of subscribers, and literally be making hundreds of thousands, or millions per year from a free platform.

Do you realise how powerful that is?

It always cracks me up if someone asks how it's possible to make money online. They're like, "How? How can you possibly make money online?"

Well my friend, do you have a smartphone? Have you ever downloaded an app? Have you ever gone on a website and bought a dress? Have you ever bought tickets online? Have you ever bought a how to guide on how to study for your uni exam?

People are on their phones all the time playing Candy Crush, spending money, right? Have you ever downloaded a song from the iTunes store and paid 2 bucks? Well, how do you think people are making money online?

People are making money online in a multitude of ways, from physical products, to coaching services to digital products, from selling websites to creating apps. I think it's absolutely absurd for someone to not try to make money online because the startup costs are so low.

I will tell you right now, being someone who is simply a consumer and nothing else will only hurt you. You need to be a creator! When you're done reading this blog post and watching my video, take action. When you get down and out, reread this blog post, but then take action.

Don't just read this post, then go read an ebook, then watch a motivating video, then read another book or blog post, and subscribe to some more posts while never taking action.

If you're taking action great, but so many people get caught up in this vicious procrastination cycle of, "I need to read every book from every expert on digital marketing and online PT coaching and only then can I get started," and that's very silly because at the end of the day it’s just procrastinating (usually because we are scared of taking action).

But you need to monetize your business from the get-go, from the very beginning, if you want to be successful.

And planning too much and reading too much before taking action can actually be detrimental to your success. I call it paralysis by analysis. You wind up getting so confused and lost because you have so many options available to you and don't know what to do. I highly suggest that you do not do that.

Pick a product you are going to sell, pick a course of action and implement it, because fast action taken now creates money.

Money loves speed.

There is the law of speed of implementation and it's an absolute fact. Every product I've ever created and anything I've ever launched, was created relatively fast. Why? Because money loves speed, and the quicker you get moving, the more you get done and the quicker you get to making money online.

Too many people get caught up in the shiny new product syndrome that 'afflicts' online coaches and digital marketers. Don't be one of them.

And if you have a million different ideas circulating in your head, but you haven't actually put any skin in the game or tested anything out.

Stop. Try one thing, one product, and then once it works and you have validated that offer you can try something new if you like, or scale it up more.

Whatever you wind up doing, don't be a perfectionist (*coughprocrastinatorcough*) as that will only hold you back.

Good luck!

To your online success online ;-)

Libby x

PS: If you would like to have the tools to get started without the overwhelm so you can start making money almost immediately, Click here to book in a free strategy session with me (if you haven't yet). And I can help get you started and give you the clarity you need to get started.



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