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For more information email ask@libbywescombe.info





For more information email ask@libbywescombe.info

Overview of the 8 Week Nutrition and Training Challenge

The 8-week Nutrition and Training Camp (NTC) is designed for time-poor women who want to take their bodies to the next level in terms of fitness and nutrition, so they can tackle life #likeaboss.

As a busy working mum, I’ve faced heaps of time and energy demands over the years (read a bit of my story on the About Me page) and that’s why I’ve designed a program that’s tailor-made for your demanding, on-the-go life.

The core training focus of this program is an intensive lower body focus for building lean muscle and losing fat around the legs, butt and abs, as well as a little upper body to round things out. We also focus on nourishing your body with the correct foods to accelerate your fitness journey.

When you jump on this limited-time offer, you’ll receive…

-The attention and insights of a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer

-The luxury of working through a digital program at home, at the gym, or while traveling the world

-A program designed to fit into your unique lifestyle and schedule, not the other way around!

-The added bonus of meal plans that focus primarily on simplicity and convenience (no massive all-day cooking marathons!)

-An intensive lower-body focus for building lean muscle and losing fat around the legs, butt and abs

-Exclusive Facebook group with a very active and invested personal trainer for the entire 12-week duration

-Weekly reading material and homework delivered straight to your inbox that will help you build new habits into your training as well as the other 23 hours of your day!

What you get in the NTC

I’ve distilled my eight years as a professional certified fitness trainer, as well as my lifelong devotion to healthy and nutritious food, into an exclusive 8-week camp designed for fitness-oriented, time-poor women.

The 8-week NTC includes:

-Three Eatercise training sessions each week sent out via email

-A combination of strength training, cardio, core, and (some) upper body work

-Meal plan ideas (vegetarian option included) and diet advice that complements your training

-Membership in a private Facebook group where you can post questions for the entire 12 weeks

-Weekly reading material and homework sent to your inbox, to provide accountability

-Personal coaching feedback (via Facebook forum and email) from your Eatercise virtual trainer

Who the NTC is for

I’ve had rave reviews from clients who found in the Nutrition and Training Camp just the kickstart they needed to get fit and start eating well again.

That’s because it doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to loving and maintaining your body, if you’re a woman then life is sometimes going to derail your hard-won exercise and diet habits.

Do any of these challenges describe your current state?

-Your schedule is packed and the commitments keep on growing

-You can’t seem to find time get yourself to the gym on a regular basis

-It’s difficult to find time to fit in personal trainer sessions as much as you’d like

-You’re looking after everyone else’s needs (career or kids or both!) to the neglect of your own

-You’re all about give, give, give, and you know that if you don’t get intentional about your health you’re going to burn out bigtime.

-You’re chasing life like a boss, but you need to take care of yourself so you can keep your stress levels down and those confidence-boosting endorphins up!

-You’re a new mum and taking care of the little bubba or tot 24/7 is starting to wear you down

-You’ve gained sporadic results with your routines, but you want a program that can help you maintain weight loss in the long term

-You’re sick of punishing your body with yo-yo dieting and the deprivation mentality of extreme eating habits

-You desperately need the convenience of a regular fitness program that you can do in the comfort of your own home

-You’re facing a big routine change (travel, kids, house move, holiday) and you don’t want to lose the great training momentum you’ve gained

If you caught yourself nodding through that list, then the Eatercise 12-week NTC might just have your name on it.

Now is the perfect time to find your balance between exercise, diet and lifestyle.

The good news about the NTC is that it’s not an extreme plan, nor exceptionally time consuming. I strongly believe in sustainable long-term habit changes rather than crash dieting and excessive exercising with long hours of cardio.

Equipment needs for the NTC

Good news! The Nutrition and Training Camp has been designed to be intentionally to be done at your regular gym, your hotel gym if you’re traveling, or—with a little advance planning—in the comfort of your own home.

If you choose to do the training program at home, I recommend you borrow or buy second-hand any of these items you don’t already have.

Here is the list:

[] A yoga mat

[] A skipping rope

[] A medicine ball (between 4-6 kilos)

[] Training bands (a couple different sizes)

[] A doorway pull up bar or any pull up bar (if possible)

[] A box or higher step (you might be able to use a sturdy chair or coffee table)

[] A set of dumbbells or two (something that you can press around 6 times above your head before needing a break. For most females I’d recommend 6-9kg dumbbells)

[] A Kettlebell or two (8-12 kg for beginners and 16-20kg for more advanced)

Don’t worry! If you absolutely can’t get these items I will give you alternative exercises, but I recommend getting them if possible, for maximum enjoyment and results from the NTC.

NTC Client Testimonials

Clients who have stuck with the Nutrition and Training Camp program consistently for the full 8 weeks, are very happy with their results!

“I highly recommend Libby Wescombe’s Eatercise diet and training program. I am 8 weeks in with four weeks to go and the results have been amazing! So ladies if your wanting to shift some weight and get fitter head to eatercise and keep an eye out for the next 12 week round!”



“I’m still on my journey and I have learnt so much from Libby’s program. After having 3 kids and just about to turn 37 in a few weeks I can honestly say I’ve never felt so good. Thank you so much Libby!”



Loved the program, Libby. Thank you so very much for all your efforts in bringing this program together. I lost a total of 8 kilos and feel fantastic! I have gained so much from this 12 weeks and have never felt better. Fitter, leaner and more confident.”



“So I weighed myself this morning and was feeling down because my weight hadn’t changed that much and I was blaming it on not being rigid enough with my diet. And I never know how much is really “muscle weighs more than fat” or just me making excuses. Buuuut I took my photos anyway because I feel better and stronger and was so pleased once I did my side by side comparisons. I still would like to be a little more disciplined with my diet, but I am pleased with my results so far.” 

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 5.47.37 PM


“I’ve never done a weight loss program where I eat so much food & don’t feel hungry constantly. The food is easy to prepare, you use ingredients you have in pantry/fridge anyway & it tastes great too. After 4 weeks I’ve lost 6.4kg & my body changed as well. I feel more energetic & I’m happier with my body than I’ve ever been. I know I still have a long way to go but I feel with this plan it’s a plan for life, I don’t have to give up enjoying food.” 


Payment details:

-Please note I use paypal for all payments. All prices are listed in US dollars.

-Once you have made payment I will contact you within 24 hours.


-My diet plans are not suitable for treating medical conditions, and if you are suffering from any medical conditions affecting your diet and health or if you have any eating disorder I may not be able to work with you. If you have a medical condition or an eating disorder of any kind, you must seek attention from your doctor to be properly treated.

Please refer to my terms & conditions here


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